The complex process of leasing is an integral part of Elcan and Associates’ services. We have successfully negotiated leases in neighborhood centers to regional malls, as well as office complexes and warehouses.

Since its founding, Elcan and Associates has negotiated leases for national retailers with virtually all major mall developers in the nation, including Simon, Urban Retail, Cafaro, Crown America, Wilmorite, Preit Rubin, Rouse and others.

Elcan and Associates has also consummated leases with many of the largest shopping center developers in the country including Developers Diversified Realty, Kimco, Hull Storey, Woodmont, Newton, Oldacre and McDonald, Currin Patterson, The Shopping Center Group, Helms Roark, and multiple others.

We have primarily worked with national retailers such as Dollar Tree, Kohl’s, Rite Aid, Starbucks, Ralphs, Verizon, Radio Shack, Office Depot, and many others.

In negotiating leases, Elcan and Associates manages all aspects of the process, from the initial market survey, to outlining target leasing opportunities, to preparing Letters of Intent (LOI), and ultimately negotiating the lease on behalf of the client.

Many times these tasks are completed before the tenant has initially visited a potential market. This saves valuable time for real estate representatives, as it enables them to quickly analyze the market, review specific leasing opportunities and understand the landlord’s terms and price structure.

Our experiences as Developer/Landlord and working directly for retailers allow us to better understand both perspectives to more effectively negotiate leases.