Elcan and Associates provides property management services in the form of operation, control, and oversight of commercial and residential real estate. More specifically, Elcan and Associates performs the following actions as property managers:

  • Collecting rent, CAM, taxes and insurance from tenant(s)
  • Contracting for regular maintenance care services
  • Mitigating and remedying any maintenance issues
  • Ensuring property is in fully operational condition at all times
  • Preparing year end CAM, taxes and insurance reconciliation statements for each tenant and collecting any shortfalls that may exist
  • Negotiating and binding the best insurance coverage at the most aggressive price from a pre-approved list of companies
  • Challenging all tax bills that the company believes are questionable in order to maintain the lowest possible Ad Valorem taxes
  • Managing the accounts and finances of each property as well as providing quarterly and year end comprehensive statements to the owners